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All Around Pennsauken is a monthly newspaper for and about Pennsauken. Issues are mailed to every resident and business in Pennsauken.

The newspaper is for the people of Pennsauken and the civic life in the community. All the information is about activities, club meetings, organizations in Pennsauken and Merchantville. The newspaper is non-political nor is it issue oriented. Opinion-editorial (op-ed) pieces and letters to the editor are not accepted for publication. The paper also does not accept editorial submissions from any political organization.

It shall be the policy of All Around Pennsauken to publish paid, display advertisements for any business, person, group, or organization for the purpose of marketing a product or service, announcing an event, or explicitly expressing condolences, gratitude, or congratulations for a recent or upcoming event (i.e. birthday, anniversary, graduation, illness, death). All display advertising submitted must be in compliance with existing federal and state regulations.  All Around Pennsauken reserves the right to withhold publishing of materials that are considered not in compliance with the publications policy.

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Editorial submissions for consideration must be sent to the editor by the 10th of the month prior. For example, a submission for the calendar in All Around Pennsauken's July issue must be submitted by June 10.

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