125 Years


On February 18, 1892, the State of New Jersey officially created the municipality known as Pennsauken Township. A lot has changed in Pennsauken during the last 125 years: the population has boomed to over 35,000 people from diverse cultures and backgrounds; over the last six years, businesses have invested over $100 million into the community; the town was identified as one of the top 40 commuter cities in New Jersey, with access to several major highways and three train stations; and has been home to professional athletes, prominent educators, successful business people, talented artists, and dedicated public servants.

To celebrate Pennsauken’s past, as well as to get excited about the Township’s future, a variety of events are being planned as part of a year-long, community-wide celebration.

Kick-Off Event, February 18, 2017



Pennsaukenopoly GamePennsauken Township is putting together a special “Pennsaukenopoly” keepsake board game in conjunction with the town’s 125th anniversary.

The game will be filled with a variety of local businesses, who sponsored the production of the game by purchasing spaces on the board; there will also be several Township landmarks highlighted, such as the Pennsauken Free Public Library and the historic Burrough-Dover and Griffith Morgan Houses.

Current plans are to make the game available prior to the holidays for purchase.



Throwback Thursdays On Channel 19

As part of the Township’s celebration of Pennsauken’s 125th anniversary, Channel 19 Pennsauken Television is going into its archives for “Throwback Thursdays.” Every Thursday throughout 2017, Pennsauken Television will air a variety of shows and programming from the channel’s history.

This “retro” programming will be broadcast throughout the day on Thursdays, allowing viewers several opportunities to watch.


Other Celebrations

  • The Merchantville-Pennsauken Water Commission have installed a special 125th anniversary logo on its three million-gallon water tank, located on the corner of Park Ave. and Haddonfield Rd.
  • Special banners commemorating Pennsauken’s 125th anniversary, which can be hung inside or outside of area businesses, are being offered to companies for purchase
  • As part of the Friends of the Pennsauken Free Public Library 10th annual Art Show and Sale this April, the organization received submissions with a “Pennsauken” theme
  • Banners with the 125th anniversary logo will line Westfield Ave. for the entire year
  • The Pennsauken Historical Society is working to create a special retrospective on the town’s history, details to be forthcoming
  • “Our Town,” the 1950s-era film that highlighted Pennsauken, will be aired on Channel 19; in addition, a new video, “Our Town… Today,” will be produced by Pennsauken Television