How To Report Pot Holes Found In Pennsauken

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From Pennsauken's Department of Public Works:

With the weather extremes we’ve experienced this year, there are an increasing number of pot holes developing on roadways in Pennsauken. As you encounter pot holes during your daily travels, please be aware of how to report these driving hazards to the appropriate agency.

Municipal Roads
To report a pot hole on a municipal road please call 856-663-0178 or e-mail

Camden County Roads
To report a pot hole on a county road please call 856-566-2980 or e-mail

County roads in Pennsauken are:
Haddonfield Rd.
Maple Ave.
Union Ave.
Park Ave.
Cove Rd.
Church Rd.
36 St.
Federal St.
Browning Rd.
Marlton Pike (Browning Rd. to Camden border)
River Rd.
Lexington Ave.(Maple Ave. to Rt. 70)
Center St.
Highland Ave. (Marlton Pike to Myrtle Ave to Rt. 130)
Sherman Ave. (Westfield Ave. to River Rd.)
Kaighn Ave.
Chestnut Ave. (Browning Rd. to East Hollywood Circle)
Rogers Ave. (Rt. 130 to Cove Rd.), Chapel Ave.
North Park Drive
Magnolia Ave. (Cuthbert Rd. to Chapel Ave.)
Clayton (Chapel Ave. to Cuthbert Rd.)
Wisteria Ave. (Lexington Ave. to Cuthbert Rd.)
Terrace Ave. (Federal St. to Rt. 130)
Woodland Ave. (Marlton Pike to Rt. 130)
Westfield Ave.
Cuthbert Blvd.
Chapel Ave.

State Highways
To report potholes or other issues on a state highway, visit the New Jersey Department of Transportation web site. On the lower right side of the main page is a link to report potholes.

State Highways in Pennsauken are:
Rt. 38
Rt. 70

Potholes: Frequently Asked Questions


Which potholes get fixed first?

The Township’s priority is arterial streets (larger residential streets that feed the smaller residential streets). A repair on an arterial street that carries hundreds of vehicles daily will take priority over a small residential street that carries far less vehicles. Remember, all potholes on Pennsauken Township roads need to be repaired, and every pothole reported will be fixed. There are a number of county roads that run through our town, which are the responsibility of Camden County. You can find a list of County Roads in Pennsauken on the Public Works link. You can report a pothole on a County Road by calling the Camden County Public Works hotline at (856) 566-2980.

What causes a pothole?

Potholes occur when street pavement cracks and breaks because of water or traffic. Water works its way under the pavement through various cracks. The compacted dirt/material under the pavement erodes because of the water, causing a portion of the road to sink down and break apart. During the winter months, especially ones with a lot of rainfall, this seeping water can freeze and expand, and then contracts when it thaws. This constant freezing and thawing makes the pavement crack and then the weight of cars/trucks/busses further weakens the road surface.

Where do I report when I find a pothole?

Depending on the location, a pothole can be reported to the following agencies:

State Roads: (example: Route-130) online at

County Roads: (example: CR-537 is Maple Ave) at (856)-566-2980

Pennsauken Township Roads: (example: Merchantville Avenue) Call Pennsauken Dept. of Public Works at 856-663-0178

You filled a pothole, but after a week, it came back. Why didn’t your repair last longer?

The materials used to patch a pothole doesn’t bond well to the surrounding pavement when it’s cold or wet, that’s why most road repaving and repairs are completed in the warmer weather months. Due to our safety responsibility, we cannot wait for a nice day to make repairs. If we cannot make a repair, we will block off the area to maintain safety.

What’s the best solution to keep potholes from forming?

Repaving the entire street is the best method to eliminating the occurrence of potholes. Due to the expense of repaving a road, patches made in between a road’s life-span is the economical way to maintain safety and prevent the rest of the road from being affected.