Pennsauken Working Together

What makes Pennsauken grow? Is it the vision of local government? A thriving business community? Focusing on the education of our children? It's a really a partnership of business, education, government and our residents all working together.

Pennsauken Working Together from Pennsauken Township on Vimeo.

A Great Place To Do Business

  • Over the last five years, Pennsauken businesses have invested well over $100 million into our community through redevelopment and construction projects
  • Hiring trends are on the rise - within the next four years, local businesses are looking to create hundreds of new jobs in Pennsauken; and the town's annual job fair helps connect scores of applicants with dozens of local companies actively seeking new hires
  • The over 3,000 businesses that call Pennsauken Township home range from large, multinational companies to mom and pop stores that are a staple of our community

Focusing On Our Children

  • The Pennsauken High School graduating class of 2017, totaling 370 young men and women, received over 190 awards and scholarships; 28 graduates were members of the National Honor Society, which requires students to maintain a high grade point average, participate in leadership roles in school, as well as give back to the community
  • On a daily basis, Pennsauken students interact with each other in a setting that highlights and embraces diversity, offering a snapshot of interactions to come when they are ready to embark on their journey to college and the "real world"

A Committment To Serving Our Residents

  • Pennsauken officials worked to create a zero percent increase in municipal taxes for the last five years in a row.
  • Dealing with abandoned properties is the number one priority of Pennsauken's administration; ordinances are in place to get tough on owners of vacant properties, holding them more accountable and providing an incentive to provide repairs to these buildings, making them suitable for occupation and resale
  • The ongoing "Clean and Green 130" initiative is helping to improve conditions along Pennsauken's main traffic artery; many businesses along the Route 130 corridor have participated in the initiative and the Township is receiving assistance from County and State agencies to clean up and beautify public spaces along the highway

We Can't Grow Without You

Without the cooperation of our residents and business owners, Pennsauken Township would not be the place it is today. But in order to continue to thrive and grow, we need help from throughout our community. It doesn't take a lot to make a difference; it just takes a desire to want to improve the town in which we live and work. Here are some ideas of how we can all work together to make Pennsauken grow:

  • Join the PTA at your child's school or volunteer to be a coach for PYAA
  • Both businesses and residents can shop local, buying goods and services right here in town; if you need it, you can most likely find it in Pennsauken
  • Volunteer at your place of worship or join one of Pennsauken's many service organizations
  • If your community group has an idea or a program that would support Pennsauken residents, please reach out to our Township Committee to see how we can support you
  • Attend a Township Committee meeting to learn what our local government is doing to serve our residents
  • Volunteer at one of Pennsauken's many events throughout the year or take part in the Township's ongoing initiatives

Only by working together can we continue to make Pennsauken Township a great place to call home.