Board of Health

The organizational meeting of the Pennsauken Board of Health will be held on Wednesday, January 27, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. During this meeting, the officers of the Pennsauken Board of Health will be sworn in and 2016 meeting dates will be established. This meeting is being held in compliance of the “Senator Byron M. Baer Open Public Meetings Act."

Agenda for Pennsauken Board of Health Meeting, 1/27/16

ORDINANCE NO.  2015:13




Be it ordained by the Township Committee of the Township of Pennsauken in the County of Camden and the State of New Jersey as follows:

§ 25-1. Establishment.

There is hereby established within the Township of Pennsauken a local Board of Health which shall have all of the powers, rights, duties and entitlements conferred upon it by N.J.S.A. 26:3-1 et seq. and N.J.S.A. 26:3-10 et seq., as amended.

§ 25-2. Rules and regulations

(A).  The Board of Health may adopt rules, regulations or ordinances for its government and that of its officers and employees not inconsistent with law or the state sanitary code.  (B).  The Board of Health shall elect a President from among its own members and a Secretary of the Board, who need not be a member thereof.

§ 25-3. Membership.

The local Board of Health shall consist of the five members of the Township Committee, the Township Assessor and one physician or one nurse to be appointed by the Township Committee. Additionally, there shall be two alternate members designated as "Alternate No. 1" and "Alternate No. 2."

§ 25-4. Terms of office.

(A). The members of the Board of Health who are also members of the Township Committee shall serve on the Board of Health in terms coextensive with their terms on the Township Committee.

(B).  The physician or nurse to be appointed by the Township Committee shall serve for a term of three years from the time of his or her appointment until his or her successor is appointed.

(C).  The terms of the alternate members shall be for two years, except that of the first two alternate members appointed, one shall be appointed for a term of one year so that the term of not more than one alternate member shall expire in any one year. A vacancy occurring otherwise than by expiration of term shall be filled by the Township Committee for the unexpired term only.       

            (i) An alternate member shall not be permitted to act on any matter in which he has either directly or indirectly any personal or financial interest. An alternate member may, after public hearing if he requests one, be removed by the governing body for cause.

            (ii) An alternate member may participate in discussions of the proceedings but may not vote except in the absence or disqualification of a regular member. A vote shall not be delayed in order that a regular member may vote instead of an alternate member. In the event that a choice must be made as to which alternate member is to vote, Alternate No. 1 shall vote first.

§ 25-5. Organization.

The Board of Health shall appoint, on the date of its organization, a place, day, and hour for the regular meeting of the Board for the conduct of its regular business and shall cause to be published in a newspaper circulating in the Township notice of said list of meetings. At least one regular meeting shall be held in each quarter of the calendar year, but special meetings may be called at any time by the President to conduct necessary business.

§ 25-6. Limits of Debt.

The Board of Health shall not contract any debt or debts of any kind beyond the amount or amounts of the appropriation or appropriations made for its use by Township Committee.

§ 26-7. Uncompensated service.

The members of the Board of Health shall receive no salary or compensation for their services.

§ 26-8. Enactment provisions.

(A). Repealer. All ordinances or parts of ordinances inconsistent with this ordinance are hereby repealed.

(B). Severability. If any section of this ordinance is held illegal or unconstitutional by a court of the State of New Jersey or of the United States, such a determination shall not affect the legality of the remaining portion of this ordinance.





Eugene Padalino

Township Clerk