Planning Board

The Planning Board meets the First and Fourth Tuesdays of each month at 6:30 pm in the Municipal Building. The Board consists of a total of nine members (seven regular members and two alternate members).

The Planning Board's essential duties are to deal with policy (the master plan) and the implementation of that policy through site plan review and subdivision ordinances. These ordinances establish a series of ground rules to be met by an applicant. If the applicant meets the requirements of the particular ordinance, the board shall approve the subject application unless an applicant does not satisfactorily fulfill a specific requirement of that ordinance.

The Planning Board is responsible for the review and approval of the Master Plan of the Township. The governing body may adopt an official map and the governing body must refer the proposed official map ordinance or any amendment to the planning board for its report.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Open Public Meetings Act of the State of New Jersey, the following is a schedule of regular meetings to be held by the Planning Board of the Township of Pennsauken during the calendar year 2017.  The meetings will be held in the Municipal Building, 5605 N. Crescent Boulevard, Pennsauken, New Jersey. 08110 at 6:30 P.M., unless otherwise advertised, on the following dates:

                   January 10th & 24th            July 6th & 25th

                   February 7th  & 28th          August 1st & 22nd

                   March 7th & 28th               September 5th & 26th

                   April 4th & 25th                   October 3rd & 24th

                   May 2nd & 23rd                  November 9th* & 28th

                   June 6th & 27th                   December 5th & 19th 

                         *November 9th the Board will meet on Thursday evening


All scheduled hearings will be heard and any emergency matters arising will also be heard and considered, as well as any matters to be concluded.

Mary L. Leonard, Secretary

Pennsauken Planning Board


Planning Board Agenda, 1/10/2017 Planning Board Agenda, 1/24/2017
Planning Board Agenda, 2/7/2017 Planning Board Agenda, 2/28/2017
Planning Board Agenda, 3/7/2017 Planning Board Agenda, 3/28/2017
Planning Board Agenda, 4/4/2017 Planning Board Agenda, 4/25/2017
Planning Board Agenda, 5/2/2017 Planning Board Agenda, 5/23/2017
Planning Board Agenda, 6/6/2017 Planning Board Agenda, 6/27/2017
Planning Board Agenda, 7/6/2017 Planning Board Agenda, 7/25/2017
Planning Board Agenda, 8/1/2017  


Planning Board Minutes, 1/10/2017 Planning Board Minutes, 1/24/2017
Planning Board Minutes, 2/7/2017 Planning Board Minutes, 2/28/2017
Planning Board Minutes, 3/7/2017 Planning Board Minutes, 3/28/2017
Planning Board Minutes, 4/4/2017 Planning Board Minutes, 4/25/2017
Planning Board Minutes, 5/2/2017 Planning Board Minutes, 5/23/2017
Planning Board Minutes, 6/6/2017 Planning Board Minutes, 6/27/2017
Planning Board Minutes, 7/6/2017 Planning Board Minutes, 7/25/2017