Pennsauken Dog Licenses

Any dog that lives in Pennsauken, is seven months old or older, and has a set of permanent teeth needs a dog license. And while it’s a little metal tag that dogs wear around their collars, it’s a pretty big deal.

Dog licenses aren’t just for keeping track of all the awesome puppies big and small that live in town; they can be used to help find your favorite four-legged friend if they get out of the backyard.

And the money you pay for your dog license, a real bargain by the way, doesn’t just go to process the application. A portion of the fee goes to Pennsauken’s doggie “trust fund,” which helps pay for things like free vaccination clinics and supports the Almost Home Animal Shelter.

It’s still not too late to get a license for your dog. Your furry kid, as well as other dogs in need a home, will thank you for it.

Dog License Form