Pricing Changes To Occur For Residents Enrolled In Energy Aggregation Program

Residents Continue To Pay Less Than Those On PSE&G’s Default Service

Talen Energy is informing customers currently enrolled in the Pennsauken Township Community Aggregation Program about price changes for the supply portion of your electricity bill. Although the contracted price is not intended to fluctuate, there are variables and regulatory changes outside of our control.

One change is related to the New Jersey Sales and Use Tax. Effective January 1, 2017, the supply price for energy aggregation participants will decrease from the current price of $0.10865/kWh. Customers’ January bill will reflect a prorated price based on your bill cycle. The February bill will completely reflect the new, lower tax rate with a price of $0.10852/kWh.

The other change starts in March and will increase customers’ supply price to $0.11161/kWh to reflect an increase in regulated transmission rates. This increase affects all residents served by PSE&G, including those on PSE&G’s default supply service. Residents enrolled in the Township’s Community Aggregation Program will continue to save money with a competitive price for electricity supply compared to PSE&G’s average price to compare of $0.11839/kWh as of December 15, 2016.

PSE&G will continue to deliver your electricity and provide customer services such as meter reading and billing. They are also the ones you call if there is an outage.

If you have any questions, please visit or call Talen Energy Customer Care at (888) 289-7693.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a price change?

There are two price changes. The first change will start in January, when your price will change to reflect a lower New Jersey Sales Use Tax (SUT) that takes effect starting January 1, 2017. The second change will reflect an increase in regulated transmission rates that affect all residents served by PSE&G that takes effect starting March 1, 2017.

What will be my new price? How long will it last?

  • Your price for electricity supply in December is $0.10865/kWh.
  • Your price for electricity supply in January will be between $0.10852/kWh and $0.10865/kWh. The actual price will be based on the number of days in your bill cycle that are in January, 2017.
  • Your price for electricity supply in February will be $0.10852/kWh.
  • Your price for electricity supply in March will be $0.11161/kWh. That price will remain the same through the end of your term with Talen Energy in September, 2017.

Am I still saving money?

Yes. Even with the price changes, you are still saving money. As of December 15, 2016, the Tariff PSE&G price to compare is $0.11839, and it is expected to be higher when the increase regulated transmission rates is applied to the price to compare starting in March, 2017.

I thought this was a fixed price product? Why is it changing?

The structure of the auction allowed for suppliers to pass through changes in costs caused by changes in law or regulatory charges not known at the time of the auction.  The sales tax decrease is a change in law, and the increased in regulated transmission rates is a change in regulations.

I don’t like these price changes. What can I do?

You can choose to opt-out of the Pennsauken Community Aggregation Program by calling Talen Energy Customer Care at (888) 289-7693. You may also call (877) 292-3904 to opt out.

If you choose to opt out, your electricity supply will be returned to PSE&G for default service at the next available meter read date, and you will pay the PSE&G price to compare for supply.

If I accept these price changes, do I need to do anything?

There is no need to do anything. The price changes will take effect automatically.

How does this affect my budget billing payments?

If you have budget billing, the amount of money you pay each month for electricity supply does not change as a result of the price changes. The change in price will be incorporated in the true-up balance which will appear the last bill where Talen Energy is the supplier.

When does the Community Energy Aggregation Program end?

This Pennsauken Township Community Energy Aggregation will still end as scheduled with your September 2017 meter read.